Monday, 15 August 2011

Toulouse and Auch

At the evening (13.08.) we arrived in Toulouse to meet with Maxime, our couchsurfing host. After a refreshing shower he took us on a tour through Toulouse. Showed us the best spots in town at sunset time... perfect ambience. Then we went to have Tapas for dinner before enjoying a cocktail in one of the plenty bars.
Toulouse is an awesome city... behind every corner awaits you the next city part which can be totally different from the one before. The city is filled with young people... and even tho Maxime told us the city is empty as it is holiday time, still the streets and bars were filled. Interesting topics to talk about... keywords: Muschipups, MILF :P
The next morning we discovered the city on our own again, but not much was left to be see. So we went on road towards Spain, as suddenly on the way we discovered the city Auch. Unmentioned by guidebooks it houses the most beautiful cathedral I have seen so far. After that stunning view we continued to San Sebastian.

Sunset time at the Garonne

Pon Neuf - the "new bridge" which is the oldest in town^^

huge and beautiful cathedral in Auch

What a scenery in Auch!

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