Saturday, 8 July 2006

Get this Xbox for FREE!

Well after doing much research I have decided to sign up for my own free Xbox 360. I searched google for many hours and found many people who have sucessfully received their free Xbox for less than $40! Actually I've spent $1 so far. uses a garunteed way of getting customers to sign up for their products. Instead of posting an ad that might only receive a few hits they offer free gifts to get 8 friends to sign up with you and see their products. Its a win win deal for both sides. We the shoppers get a very cool new product and the company gets their products out there. To get started I went to freepay's website, signed up and filled out the offer.

Step One:
I suggest creating a free email account at hotmail or yahoo because there is a ton of spam. To get a free email go here for yahoo and here for hotmail.

Step Two:
Go here and sign up with the free email. If you want to keep spam to a minumum make sure you uncheck the promotional emails box.
Step Three:
Follow the instructions and complete an offer. I suggest something you need so it is a justifiable cause haha. I chose the cheapest one which was the $1 poker trial but another good one is the month trial at blockbuster for $10. Just follow the directions and make sure you cancel the trial before you are billed for another month at full price.

Step Four:
Next you have to refer your friends. You can send out emails, put the link in your profile, post it online, whatever you have to do to get the xbox.

Step Five:
Wait for the offer to register then cancel the trial you signed up for.

I'll update this after each stage is completed. Thanks for reading.

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