Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Luang Nam Tha - villages in a nice countryside

After a horrible bus ride (it must have been 5°C in the bus and the road conditions were gruel) I arrived in Luang Nam Tha 4am in the morning (27.11.). I just fall asleep at the bus station... but 1h later I took a tuktuk to Zuela guesthouse and I was lucky that someone opened the door and gave me a room. I was freezing and after some hours of sleep I woke up with fever... lucky me :P
Anyways... 1 pill and a hot soup later I jumped on a bicycle and went for tour around the town. The tour brought me from the museum to That Luang Nam Tha, placed on a hill. And from there through many small ethnic minority villages to That Phoum Pouk, located on another hill^^
I enjoyed the scenery around the villages and rice fields. It was harvesting time, so all the villagers were out to get in the crop and burn the leftovers. Kids playing at the river and farmers trashing the rice... the mountains in the background gave a nice ambience and the tiny villages and dirty road made the old countryside feel perfect :)
About 25km later I was back to Luang Nam Tha and enjoyed dinner at the night market.
The next morning I took a minibus to Huay Xai, which is located at the Mekong and serves as border town to Thailand. First I enjoyed the colourful Wat Chome Khaou Manirat and it's view over the town towards Thailand. After lunch I crossed the border to Chiang Khong, Thailand, from where I took the bus to Chiang Rai.

Luang Nam Tha Museum

That Luang Nam Tha

That Phoum Pouk

Harvesting time :D

Colourful Wat Chome Khaou Manirat, Huay Xai

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