Sunday, 24 April 2011

Devin and Bratislava

Danny, Benni and I started our Easter holidays by driving from Dresden (4 am) to Devin, Slovakia (11 am) on Friday, 22.04. Devin is a village close to Bratislava, housing an old Roman castle at the Donau. We arrived with the greatest spring weather, >20 °C and a blue sky :D The right place to enjoy some history, the flowering nature and lie in the sun between dandelions.
Devin castle

Awesome place to enjoy the weather :D
Next we drove to Bratislava and arrived about 1 pm. It is a quiet and charming city, with a pleasant old town on one side of the Donau and a kinda 21st century part on the other :)
A young city with beautiful girls. Besides some nice sights, the city offers good and cheap beer :D Looking forward to visit Bratislava again^^

View from Bratislava castle

overlooking the "new town"

Bratislava Castle

Church of holy Trinity

Next to Michael Tower

Primate's Palace

Sunset over Bratislava castle and the old town

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