Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Years Eve in Strasbourg

Benni, Tobias + Felicitas and I went to Strasbourg for new years eve. We arrived at 30.12.2009 and stayed until 02.01.2010. In Strasbourg we stayed via Couchsurfing with Gabriel. He provided us sleeping spots in his house and organized the party on 31.12. there :D We were extremely lucky to have such an amazing and generous host, thx a lot!
Right on the first day we stumbled through the old city and petite france. A charming city. On the evening we went out with Gabriel and other couchsurfers from Strasbourg and abroad who were ready for the NYE-party on the next day :P During this evening we got to know Emily, a charming lady from Strasbourg couchsurfing who was willing to guide us through town on the next day.
On 31.12. we met up with Emily. She brought us on the Strasbourg Notre Dame Cathedral and guided us through Petit France, where we had a typical Alsasian Flambeè :) Then along the banks of the river and by tram to the European Parlement. From there through a nice park back to the city. Quite exhausting^^ On the evening a big party was held in Gabriel's house, about 80 people from all over the world... awesome experience! And I had no idea that 80 people could fit in there :P
On 01.01 we helped Gabriel to clean the house and then went to Barrage Vauban and the museum of modern art. Early 02.01. we left and went back home... Strasbourg was an amazing experience, thx to the great people we met :)

Strasbourg Notre Dame

European Parlement

Palais Rohan

Barrage Vauban

Christmas feeling^^

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