Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dubai - not as good as they tell you

here we are^^
after a nearly sleepless night I started early in the morning to Hamburg Airport. At the afternoon my plane departed towards Dubai.
Arrival in Dubai at midnight, 38°C :) After getting my visa and sending some mails, I got a little more sleep... but not very well :(
Metro to the city started running at 6am. There I met 2 Germans who just came back from a 1 month visit to the Phils after finishing their highschool.
We started walking through Deira... after a ride on the watertaxi we watched the spice souk, a heritage house, gold souk, parfume souk and then enjoyed some breakfast/lunch (for only 3 Drh, so Dubai can be cheap :) )
Unluckily this part of the old town, as well as the others, were not really old at all. I missed Arabic traditions :(
Then we visited "the palm" and it's biggest hotel "Atlantis", already about 45°C by that time^^... well, whenever you are in Dubai, dont do that :P You can get better quality holiday for cheapest price on Mallorca... a place for stupids to waste there money... sad somehow...
Most of new-Dubai is under construction anyways... and of those buildings which are finished, about one third is not in use. So stupid :S
Next on list was Burj Al Arab... well, just a photo which you can get better on internet...
Burj Khalifa I enjoyed... the buildings and park around it looked really great to me :D
Unluckily the opening hours of Jumeriha mosque are way too short... so I just could take a picture... and from outside it is like any other mosque.
At the end I enjoyed the waterfront of Bur Dubai... at least felt some flair of the city there....
All in all the city looks boring to me :(
Tonight I head on to Bangkok :D

Jumeirah Mosque
Crossing the river Deira/Bur Dubai
Burj Khalifa
waterfall in the mall of Burj Khalifa
Atlantis on the Palm
Dubai - city in a desert

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