Sunday, 25 July 2010

Here we go again :D

Well time is up again, a new journey is about to start :)
This time I will keep the report in English. So internationals can follow, and the lazy Germans may practice their English a little :P hehehe

Ok... on Wednesday, 28th of July I start my next Journey.
29th of July stopover in Dubai, 30th of July arrival in Bangkok. After some days of organizing an apartment I will fly to Medan and meet with Benjamin (many of you know him) :D
Then we get on a 7 weeks route from Sumatra over Java and Bali to Lombok.
Afterwards Bangkok is calling me for a 6 weeks internship.
Later on 6th of December I will be back to Germany :P

This time a map for Indonesia is available again (as it was for my travel to Malaysia last year) ;)

So I will try my best to deliver some stories and pictures here from time to time :) probably Benni will write some texts too... so be sure to check the page now and then :D

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