Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Waterloo, Leuven, Brussels and Antwerp... Belgium during Easter^^

From Luxembourg we drove to see the memorial about Napoleon's second final defeat in Waterloo. Great views from uphill... way more stairs than we expected at first :P
From Waterloo we went to Leuven where we stayed with our couchsurfing friend Cora. After Belgium fries for dinner we discovered Leuven's nightlife, which was awesome! To see such a bustling small city with full bars with dancefloors all over the main square. The next day (07.04.) Cora showed us lovely Leuven at day time... a historic city with much charm and filled with young people... awesome! I definitely will come back here :D Later we drove to Brussels... the city is filled with tourists :P After we found a hotel we went to see the city and enjoyed some nightlife, but somehow we didn't get to see the really busy part at night :o The following day (08.04.) we visited the palace, European parliament and the Atomium before we drove to Antwerp.
Antwerp welcomed us with a short rain and kinda rough sea climate :( but the beautiful city made up for it. Surprisingly to us, Antwerp has a large Jewish population back from the bustling diamond trading times...
On the way back to Leipzig (09.04.) we picked up someone for carpooling from Essen (what an ugly city)... when the silent Arabic looking guy placed his dark 30kg luggage in our car, made a joke about carrying a bomb and started reading "Mohammad my Saviour", Robin turned white and silent :P Nothing exploded until he hopped off at Kassel^^

in Waterloo

Leuven's beautiful city hall

view over Brussels center

a part of the Berlin wall in front of the EU parliament

castle of Antwerp

Antwerp provided an Easter egg for us :P

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