Saturday, 27 March 2010

Stockholm - freezing^^

Just finished my trip through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and right away back on the road (or the plane^^).
We (Tobias+Felicitas, Robin, Danny and I... as well as 5 of my fellow students) went to Stockholm by plane, on 23.03. :) Well, I had just come back from SouthEastAsia and was happy that in Germany we already had 15-20°C... it felt like going from summer back to spring... but suddenly we arrived in Stockholm and just before leaving the plane, Tobias told me: "You know it is minus degree here? Looking forward to it, huh?"... I: "What? I thought it is quite same temperature like home, I've got no jacket!"... :D unlucky me... it was -5 to +5°C during our days in Stockholm :P Tobias organized a couchsurfing host for himself, Felicitas and me. Robin and Danny slept in a hostel. Our host, Jonas, was very generous, unluckily he didn't have much time... so he simply left the key of his flat to us.
As we arrived after midnight we were super lucky that Jonas picked us up^^
On the next morning we met up with Robin and Danny at Tyska Kyrkan (church) and started exploring the city :D A charming place with very friendly people and kinda everyone speaks english, luck us :) First we walked around Gamla Stan seeing the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) and Slottskyrkan. Then we went along the coast to the Vasamuseet (museum) to see the old ship wreck and reasons why it sunk^^ Then we went to see the Radshuset. Anyways, by foot is one of the best ways to explore a city :D On the evening we had a drink and met with Jonas and some of his friends.
The next day (25.03.) we visited the modern museum (moderna museet), where we met my fellow students and the norcid museum (nordiska museet). Then we went through the park behind and saw a cemetery. Later in the evening we met up with my fellow students and had a drink south of Gamla Stan. The next day we got back home^^

freezing, but charming as well :)
Royal Palace

Fun with statues and Radshuset


Nice place, luckily noone can spot I was in Asia just before^^

Nordic museum

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