Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bukit Lawang - Jungle trek with stoned guide

We caught a public sauna bus from Parapat to Medan, but unluckily on arrival all buses to Bukit Lawang left already. So we had to charter an expensive minibus just for us to get there. The minibus was like a mobile nightclub... super base machine :P we mixed our cola with good havana club rum and had a little party in the bus, hahahaha... taking things as they come and making the best out of it :D
We arrived in Bukit Lawang during rain time... carried our big backpacks up a hill in the rain... not that pleasant :)
After a nice dinner we went to bed early as trekking was supposed to start 9am the next day. Unluckily our guide got sick, so he brought us to another guide. We saw a lot of Orang Utans during the trek, some came close enough to touch them. At late evening we had a candlelight dinner in a jungle camp and then slept on the ground, not too comfortable^^ Our guide was smoking one joint after the other, stoned all the time... quite a nice guy he was :D He gave us weed for free :P
The next day we walked along the river and then went back to the village by rafting on tubes. We caught a little sunburn on the 20min ride back.
After some lunch at our guesthouse (on the rocks) we got on the way back to Medan, meeting Lydia and Ayu again.

giant tree
grey monkeys at the campsite
exhausted after the trekking

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