Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pantai Bungus and Pulau Pagang - the true island feeling

After a day recovering in Padang we visited Pantai Bungus, a beach 20km south of Padang. Losmen Carlos was a friendly business man who gladly granted our wish to visit Pulau Pagang^^

We enjoyed an evening at Pantai Bungus watching the sunset and got enough sleep for the journey the next day. At 8:30am we started with a slow boat to Pulau Pagang with our boat, fully loaded with supplies (food,bananas,food,bananas,water,bananas - indeed loads of bananas^^) and with Stephan, a dutch traveler.
Arriving at the lonely white beach made us immediately getting out of the clothes and into the water :P An hour of snorkeling was rewarded with some fine sunburn... yea... europeans and the sun :D
The first mission of the day was brought up by Stephan... his ganja pipe from India was broken, so we were to make a new one - island style, made of bamboo ofcourse, hahahaha. And you may believe or not, after a few beta versions our efforts ended in quite a good looking and enjoyable version of a true bamboo-island-pipe ;)
Ofcourse each version was to be tested :P The day ended with quite a big palm-leaf fire at the beach, enjoying some Jack Daniels and listening to the sea.
The next day we visited the neighboring stretch of mainland beach and the next island (Pulau Bintang), which had somehow the best island feeling ever... a long, wide, empty, white stretch of finest sand covered from some of the best skies ever :D
The last day we visited 2 more islands (Pulau Sironjong and Pulau Pasumpahan) with some snorkeling.
Later we returned to Pantai Bungus and recovered from the sunburn and mosquito bites before we continued to Kerinci Valley.

sunset at Pantai Bungus
fine beach at Pulau Pagang
the final pipe in action^^
our pride, haha
our supplies :P
visiting the next mainland beach
benni and our boat :)
Pulau Bintang and the super beach :D
superb sky

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