Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Danau Toba - flying on mushrooms over the lake

On Friday 06.August we started to Parapat, Danau Toba. The ride started in a non-aircon+non-fan bus... a mobile sauna for 4h.
At Danau Toba we had a great batak guesthouse with a good view over the lake. Very nice people around there, but also a very touristic place.
After having a long 12h recovery sleep, we started walking about the peninsular Tuktuk. We planned to walk for 3h but finished already after 45min :P We did take a rest at the Bamboo restaurant at 3pm, eating a magic mushroom omelet. Luckily we shared 1 omelet for 2. After half an hour we started laughing, crying from laughing... nonstop for 3h, hahahahaha. Our stomaches did hurt from laughing. Our muscles were all down from the mushrooms and we couldnt even hold a cigarette :P Then we watched the sunset over the lake an enjoyed dinner. After the flash a little fever followed, poison it was after all. But a nice experience all the way. The dinner gave us some good recovery and at midnight we were back to our guesthouse.
The next day (Sunday 08.August) we made our way to Bukit Lawang.

sunset from the bamboo restaurant, on mushrooms ofc^^

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