Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bukittinggi and Danau Maninjau

After the flight from Medan to Padang (12. August) we took a minibus from the airport to Bukittinggi.
The little city in the hills had cool temperature, but did not really meet our expectations. After a night in an overpriced sticky room we explored the city and enjoyed the market in the morning. Afterwards we took a minibus on to lake Maninjau.
A ride through the hills was followed by a astonishing view over the lake. The temperatures were higher again and we simply enjoyed the idyllic atmosphere. Compared to Danau Toba, Danau Maninjau has a better scenery in our eyes. No boats, but canoes running on the lake. The surrounding mountains are slightly covered in clouds. A rainstorm over night brings a fresh breeze and some waves... simply a great place :)
The next day we took a trek to see the Rafflesia flower, the biggest flower in the world. It blooms ones in a few months and is open for just about 7 days... we were lucky to see it at the 4th day :D
In late afternoon (14. August) we did take a minibus to Padang.

Big Ben of Bukittinggi
Kids playing at lake Maninjau
good view from the surrounding hills, rice plantages
Benni and the Rafflesia

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