Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bangkok clubs

So during the 3 weekends I have been here in Bangkok I went to visit some nightclubs :)
The clubs here are pretty cool! Good music, great ambience and mostly some good party crowd.
So far I visited Route66, Spicy, Narz, Climax, Gullivers, Gazebo and Slim. More to come :P
Usually I'm lazy to take pictures in clubs + my camera is broken. But sometimes friends bring along their cam. So I can show you some pics :)
Update (16.10.): I will continue this post with nightlife news, as it makes no sense to open a new post for each weekend^^ So you will see this one being extended each weekend ;)

Rose, I, Lex, Jasper

Jasper, Rose, I, Bee, Lex

Boky, Rose

I, Lex, Jasper

Bee, Rose, I, Boky

Greg, Torrain, Rose, I, Bee

Rose, I
Nut, I, Rose

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