Friday, 1 October 2010

back in Bangkok

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On Sunday (26.09.) I came back from Indonesia to Bangkok. I was really luckily because June - one of my supervisors at university - picked me up from the airport and helped me to arrange everything for my apartment.
Then I just needed Sunday and Monday to take a rest^^ It was quite a big change from Indonesia back to Thailand... I was used to get a long quite sufficiently with Indonesian language... now in Thailand I hardly knew any words and couldn't read anything. Also I had to get used to the neighbourhood of my apartment, till I could find everything I need :)
On Tuesday was my big shopping day^^ At least got 2 shirts and a towel :P
Wednesday and Thursday (30.09.) I went sightseeing. Unluckily my camera is totally broken by now - at least the display. In Sumatra got water into the display and parts of it stopped working. The pictures are still ok but I could see less and less on the display. 2 days before leaving Indonesia even the last bit of it was shut down. So when taking pictures now I just can guess about the shooting... so some pictures are not too good anymore :(
Anyways... on wednesday I took a simply walk through chinatown and started my temple game with Wat Traimit and Wat Samphanthawongsaram (Wat = Temple)... yes there are simply too many temples in Bangkok and most of them are beautiful. Then I visited Lumphini park before having some nice Dim Sum for dinner^^
On thursday was my long journey. Starting with the Chao Phraya express to cruise over the river to the grand palace, seeing Wat Arun on the way. From there walking along the river to see WatPho and further on through a market to the King Puttayodfa memorial and Wat Ratchaburana. Then heading away from the river to Wat Suthatthepwararam and the Giant swing. Next to see the Democracy monument, Loha Prasa, Phrakan Fortress and the Golden Mountain. Then using the canal-boat to Pratunam to enjoy the sunset from Baiyoke Sky tower. First I only found my way to the 14th floor which was a car park, but offered great views anyways^^ Later I found an elevator to go to the lobby at 18th floor from where I could have gone to the observation deck on 84th floor. But sunset was over already, so I decided to use that next time :)

view over Silom (business district) from the roof of my apartment
Wat Trimit (Golden Buddha)
Wat Samphanthawongsaram in chinatown
Dim Sum :D
taking the Chao Phraya boat

Wat Arun from the boat

Wat Pho (next to Grand Palace)

Wat Ratchaburana (next to King Puttayodfa memorial)

Wat Suthatthepwararam

Democracy monument

Loha Prasa

Golden Mountain (the real one was to big to catch on my camera :P)

sunset from 14th floor of Baiyoke sky tower

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