Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My parents visit me in Thailand - one day in Bangkok

My parents arrived at tuesday (19.10.) evening at Bangkok airport, where I picked them up to their hotel.
As they were tired from the long flight I was just looking for a nice dinner to them before sending them to sleep :)
First they were caught by the heat and humidity^^ Then the narrow streets, packed with people, made them feel a little intimidate :P Well, that is Asia after all ;)
Astonished by the dirt at the backyards, beggars, prostitutes and souvenir sellers, they still could enjoy the fine Thai food. Well, Sukhumvit at late evening is not the best first impression of Thailand you can get.
After a fine sleep I picked them up the next day to go to Chao Phraya by BTS and then using the public boat to reach Wat Pho (and so they saw the way to the Grand Palace, to be done on their own later^^). We picked up some local icecream, my dad was impressed of :D
From Wat Pho we entered a taxi to Loha Prasat. After enjoying the semi-great view from the top and the nice architecture of Loha Prasat and eating some Thai snacks, we continued on the canal boat to Pratunam. The ride on the canal boat was quite an experience to them, something most tourists do not get in contact with.
A short walk over Pratunam market to the Bayioke Sky Tower to enjoy the view and semi-sunset (due to clouds in the west) over Bangkok.
Another ride on the canal boat made my parents think about evacuation plans from the boat and how to survive the grabbing hands from Thais who can't swim - just in case :)
A walk through another narrow market street near Ramkhamhaeng brought us to a fine spa to enjoy a 1hour Thai massage for 150 baht.
The day was finished with a buffet dinner and my parents ended up in their hotel room with full bellies and a short night before flying to Ko Samui :P

Wat Arun from Chao Phraya river
eating an ice its taste is only surpassed by it's simplicity
Wat Pho
the emerald Buddha at Wat Pho
Loha Prasat

nice view, great building :)

Bayioke Sky tower - highest building in Bangkok

view from Bayioke - unluckily cloudy weather and too much city dust

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