Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ko Samui - finally sun and beach again :D

On 21st October I brought my parents to Ko Samui. We took a plane from Bangkok to Surat Thani, followed by a bus to Don Sak pier before boarding the ferry to Ko Samui Nathon pier. From there we were brought to our resort by minibus.
The Mae Nam Resort at the name giving Mae Nam beach was great. A private beach and not many tourists in sight :) The visibility in the water was down to a few centimeter due to the heavy rain around. But luckily we had no rain at all at Mae Nam beach. A few clouds here and then, which helped us to not get a sunburn right away^^
On the evening we were wandering around the small town a bit, but not much was to be discovered. The next day, after relaxing at the beach and getting the first sight of a sunburn, we walked the other direction in town and found a nice little market. My parents loved the Asian market style and fresh snacks for pre-dinner :)
The next day we took a tour around the island. Seeing the price of 350 baht it was easier and faster to see the attractions on Ko Samui this way. Starting at the village of Plai Laem to visit the Wat Nuan Na Ram, followed by Wat Phra-Yai at BigBuddha beach. A view over Chaweng beach before continuing to the grandmother and grandfather rock at Lamai beach. After a monkey show - a monkey picking coconuts - the mummified monk at Wat Khun Aram waited for us. The day finished with a visit to the Namuang1 waterfall, which was not worth a visit, if there wasn't that jeep-safari like journey towards it through the forest :)
My parents did hold tight when the vehicle climbed the hills up and down :D
Back at the resort I had to pack and leave for a visa run over Kuala Lumpur back to Bangkok. Yea, I and visa do not get along well^^ On the ferry from Nathon to Don Sak I enjoyed one of my best sunsets before enjoying the view of the full moon over Ko Samui. A minibus brought me to Surat Thani centre, a minibus to the train station at Phunphin, where I had to wait 4.5h for the train to Hat Yai :( Hat Yai is a laid back town which welcomed me with a superb Hokkien Mee soup for breakfast, before the minibus service of Thai airways brought me to the Hat Yai airport. The following flight to KL and BKK was simple routine :)

Mae Nam beach

Wolfgang relaxing at the bungalow

in the morning in front of our bungalow

Wat Nuan Na Ram - the 14 armed female Buddha

Wat Nuan Na Ram

BigBuddha at Wat Phra-Yai

viewpoint over Chaweng beach

grandmother rock near Lamai beach - guess how grandfather looks like ;)

lagoon-like next to the grandmother rock

small monkey and big gorilla^^

mummified monk at Wat Khun Aram

on the road to Namuang1 waterfall - like a roller-coaster

view from the top of the jeep on the way back from the waterfall

sunset from the ferry on the way to Don Sak

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