Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Monaco and Cannes

Tuesday (25.09.) the EMBO meeting finished and afterwards Eric took me to visit Monaco :D The city is absolutely sterile and smug... but still the appearance is great to watch. We started at the oceanographic museum to the castle and enjoyed the views over the bays. Then we went to the famous Monte Carlo casino. But unless you are into spending quite some money, the town quickly becomes boring. Overall great to visit, although I wouldn't want to stay here for longer^^ On our way back to Nice we stopped at a hill for a night-view over Nice. Right on the last meters towards Nice's train station Eric's car broke down :( We pushed the car into a parking lot and I rushed to catch the train to Cannes. Luckily the train was late^^ In Cannes I stayed a little outside (la bocca) with Verena, a language teacher and soon to be mom. The next morning I entered Cannes, viewed the town and finished reading my book at the promenade savoring the sun, which I would miss in Germany^^ Well, it didn't last long as I was covered in a huge rain storm on the way towards the airport which left me all soaked :(
Anyways, Cote d'Azur is a great destination for a short late summer trip :D

early evening view over Monte Carlo
the royal castle
Monaco's football stadion literally glows when running after sunset :)
Cannes' palm

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