Saturday, 1 September 2012

Novi Sad and Zagreb

31.08. we left Belgrade and visited the fort of Novi Sad on our way to Zagreb... driving on the motorway again definitely was boring compared to the multifaceted places to see from the country roads. Near Zagreb we stayed at a camping ground and enjoyed our last BBQ this trip :)
During the night heavy rain arrived... all our stuff was soaked wet in the morning... it took us quite a while to somehow get moving... it didn't stop raining, even as we arrived in Zagreb... after an hour McDonalds stop used for internet-connection the rain finally lessened and we started a walk through Zagreb. The city might be nice, but we definitely didn't catch the right weather to enjoy it by any means :( Hence, we got in the car and drove home already, although we planned to stay one more day in the beginning^^
Despite the last day - Trip was amazing :D

view over Novi Sad and Danube from the fort
Marcus church after rain :P
fuck that weather! let's go home... ^^

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