Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sarajevo and Belgrade

We started our day (29.08.) with breakfast at our hotel and then walked through Sarajevo's center. The market place was filled with people. Sarajevo truly lives up multi-cultural life style. It is inspiring to be around here. We then enjoyed coffee and Arabian cake in a cafè which was filled with young people. Everyone appears lively and cheerful. When walking around the city we still saw some demolitions back from the war. The minarets overlooking Sarajevo complete the city's flair. We also visited the famous latin stone bridge where prince Ferdinand was shot - final reason to start the first world war.
From Sarajevo we drove all the way to Belgrade, along the Drive river with its stunning landscapes. We crossed it in Visegrad and subsequently crossed the border towards Serbia. The friendliest border patrols we had on all our trip :) All the mountains around Balkan result in awesome landscape. The road towards Serbia was similar. After sunset we finally arrived in Belgrade and found an awesome hostel (Parliament). Later in the city center, Vapiano was the only open restaurant which still served food after midnight :( We then checked out the floating clubs at Sanau river from where you have a great view at Belgrade. But all the clubs are with reservation only - so is most of Belgrade's nightlife as we will learn :o
The next day we walked through the city. Breakfast near the food market and then towards the castle. The castle's park is great and makes for some beer at early afternoon before we saw Serbia's military remnants at the castle entrance. The castle is right at the city's edge where Sanau meets Danube (Donau). Nice view over the river valleys. Bought some postcards and wrote them in a cafè in the center. After some chill out time at our apartment and some dinner we tried our luck again in Belgrade's famous nightlife. This time we were more lucky in Soho Republic club... it needs reservation but Ben's smile was sufficient to get us in. Rather an after business club... music was nice, but nothing special. After seeing this and the floating river clubs the day earlier we are disappointed by Belgrade's nightlife. Well, at least it had the most beautiful women walking through town :D

Sarajevo's main square

the latin bridge - place of the assassination of prince Ferdinand - start of World War I

remnants of the war

bridge at Visegrad over Driver
sunset in Serbia - serpentines again^^

macabre ads in Belgrade

remnants of Serbia's military affection

overviewing Sanau joining Danube from Belgrade's castle

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