Monday, 24 September 2012

Nice and the 3rd EMBO meeting

21.09. I flew from Berlin to Nice to attend the 3rd EMBO (european molecular biology organization) meeting. Eric - a couchsurfing friend of Ben - generously let me surf his place. Right the first day he took me to the birthday dinner of his friend. The next morning I checked in at the EMBO meeting and suddenly had most of the remaining day free. So I first explored the city on my own... up the castle hill (Le Chateau) to have a good morning view over the bays and the old city... then a walk along the promenade and through the old city before I read some book at the promenade enjoying the sun :D Early afternoon I met with Eric and his friend Silvie, who had two couchsurfers (Stephan and Fatme) with her :) Together we explored the old city again and enjoyed some nice food. At the evening I attended the first lectures of the meeting and afterwards Eric and I met at Silvie's place where her son made dinner. Simply a great day^^ The next day (23.09.) I attended the meeting all day and had a party afterwards... exhausting and great day, although I felt very sorry to wake Eric late at night :/ Monday (24.09.) was another long day at the meeting before we met at Silvie's place for dinner again. Stephan and Fatme made Tortillas/Burritos and the best Tiramisu I had so far :)

Having a break just next to the conference center Acropolis
Spice store in Nice's old town
Small waterfall at Le Chateau

View over the old town and super long beach :)

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