Thursday, 2 September 2010

Kersik Tuo and Sungaipenuh - visiting Kerinci Valley

sorry for the late update... after the last post we were really lazy... but now we try to catch up with the last weeks ;)

So after Padang and the islands we went to Kerinci Valley in West Sumatra. In Kersik Tuo - a little village surrounded by tea plantations with a great view to the Gunung (mountain) Kerinci. We stayed with the very hospital family Subandi in their homestay. The village treated us like celebrities^^ When walking over the small evening market everyone was staring at us, drivers on the road nearly crashed as the watched us instead of the street :P
Cute little village it was and the walk through the tea plantations was gorgeous. The cool climate cooled us down from the island feeling. The next day (20.August) we continued to the "big" town in the valley - Sungaipenuh. Unluckily the town had not much to offer and all attractions were at least an hour bus ride away, so we decided to move to Bengkulu the following day.

Benni smelling the tea leaves
fast transportation^^
market in Sungaipenuh

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