Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kuta, Legian, Seminyak - Big names, small feeling

On 24.09. we walked through all 3 of the famous areas. So far you can't see a difference between Kuta and Legian.
Probably it once started with a nice stretch of beach (indeed a great and super long beach), which attracted surfers and others. Facilities started to grow and grow.
Now-a-days it is not about the beach anymore. As you can't really enjoy any of the beach anyways. Life is now all about the facilities and the beach is just decoration.
The traffic is horrible, the streets way to small. The whole infrastructure there is a chaos. It is loud, dirty, has no charm and is full of bars, restaurants and shops.
Seminyak is pretty much the same. Just a tiny bit more quiet (but still not bearable) and much more upmarket. So simply for people who want to spend more money than those in Kuta/Legian.
The daily activities here are drinking, eating and shopping - wow :(
But at least the nightlife is the best we have seen in Indonesia... ok ok... that does not mean much. But yea, what is going on here you actually can call parties.
And with a good set of happy hours you can get drunk without spending a hilarious amount of money (as taxes on alcohol are insane in Indonesia).

Not just too many tourists in general, but especially too many Australians. So let me explain you how to spot an Australian:
-wearing a Bintang shirt/trowser from a souvenir shop and thinking it looks cool
-shouting when talking
-they either look like school boys, surfer sunny boy or british alcoholics (somehow they mostly looked mentally retarded)
-drinking over their limits (>2 beer^^) and then falling down or puking all over
-last but not least... dancing... hey guys! acting like a monkey is no dancing and slittering over the floor on your ass is neither ;) damn... even the few hot Australian chicks looked dumb when moving like a 12 year old :(

26.09. Benni flew to Jakarta before heading back home 2 days later. And I went back to Bangkok on Sunday :)

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