Monday, 13 June 2011

Akko - Netanya - Caesarea

From Haifa we visited the crusader's port town Akko. A traffic jam trip along the coast made the few kilometers a trip of more than two hours :(
The old town still has a lot of old flair, especially the old tunnels under it, like the Templer's tunnels. From there we continued to the festival gardens and small but refreshingly green place before we continued to the prison museum. I didnt know before that the Jews under British hegemony were not much different to the Palestinian under Jewish hegemony - they used to have terror groups. Most famous the groups around Lehi and Etzel, bombing plenty British resources. Ok there is a big difference - Lehi and Etzel are declared as heroes while Palestinians are terrorists... but hey, the right of the winner to write history does not change the truth that lays behind it ;)
We then left Akko and went through the traffic jam to Netanya our beach holiday^^ Netanya is supposed to have the best beach in Israel. The first day we received a huge sun burn while only laying in the shadow, after several days in Israel that describes the intense sun here. So the next day we explored Caesarea, ruins of Herod's former great city. A counterpart to the great Alexandria it once was one of the most important port towns of the Mediterranean sea. But wars with the Arabs brought it down. Crusaders later rebuilt it before it was destroyed again. Forgotten for a long time the Rothschild family rebuilt a living area for wealthy people.
At the evening when we returned to Netanya huge waves awaited us. Some of the biggest I ever swam in^^ That was a lot of fun and a great finish to the short bathing holiday part.

Akko, the port is around the corner

clock tower


the coastline of Caesarea

Netanya's beach

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