Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tel Aviv and Jaffa - the most charming place in Israel

Sunday (12.06.) in the morning we drove to Tel Aviv, checked into our hotel and brought the car back to the airport. Back in the city we explored a way through Tel Aviv: the Dizengoff street towards south across the Dizengoff square (a fountain from the '70s).  We continued the King George street until the Karmel market. The first real market I saw in Israel and damn it was a great one. Fresh fruits and juices made from it, cheap clothes and souvenirs... I even liked the stinky fish when I finally saw a real market again :D Surely my first big highlight in Tel Aviv. But more to come^^ We continued to the coast along the promenade towards Jaffa - the old town. The beaches looked great and everyone we met seemed happy, they appeared to have real inner peace. Something I would have expected in Jerusalem. And muslims were having bbq with jews at the beach while laughing. What suddenly happened to the stubborn Israel? Omg we suddenly came back into modern living :D While my parents rested at the beach I continued along the promenade towards Jaffa and saw some nice street art on the way. From Jaffa I head a great view over the coast of Tel Aviv. In the upper park many children were around and made fun of bride and groom models :P The promenade spans from Jaffa towards the northern port of Tel Aviv... we walked with the sunset until the last beach... the beaches here appeared even better than in Netanya. Next time I definitely have to spent more time in Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is about seeing, Tel Aviv about being... while in Jerusalem all the ones who heavily practice religion only seem to care about their wealth in heaven while they forget that you should live with a religion and not practice for it. Probably thats why they fight so much for the holy places: everyone fears they lose some bonus points for not praying there. Come on you idiots! Now these places are only stones, what has happened there is gone, it is now living with each and everyone of us. God is not to be found in stones, but within humans who live by his intentions: peacefully. As G.E.Lessing said: "A single grateful thought towards heaven is the most perfect prayer". All you narrow-minded people who pray to God 5 times a day and wish the death towards his children at the same time... yea many might forget that Christians, Jews and Muslims do have the very same god, they only struggle about some Prophets and how to properly pray towards god. Religion is a way to bring humans together - all of them. A guidance to unity and peaceful life. A guidance which needs to be adapted to every time - so stop taking messages from 2000 years ago literally, but rather look for intentions. Most of these self announced most religious people lost lots of my respect - not that they need to care^^
While frustrated about Jerusalem I so much more am pleased about how great life can be in Tel Aviv, only 30 kilometers away. A great finish for a really interesting and eye opening holiday :)

entry to Karmel market

street art at the promenade

Tel Aviv coast


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