Friday, 10 June 2011

Nazareth and Haifa

Wednesday (08.06.) we continued from Safed passing the Sea of Galilee towards Mt Tavor next to Nazereth and enjoyed the view from a Franciscan monastery. Thick traffic then led us into Nazereth where we visited the Basilica of Annunciation, where Maria was told about being pregnant with Jesus. A new church built by donations from plenty nations over the remains of former churches at this place. Unluckily we didn't have time to discover more of Nazareth due to the time loss of the traffic. So we continued to the port town Haifa.
In Haifa we stayed in the German Colony which is by far the nicest stretch of the city, overlooked by Bahai Gardens. A charming place, unluckily the rest of Haifa was not as pleasant. It was a Jewish holiday, so when we walked through the city centre it appeared like a ghost town. Then suddenly we spotted a burning car next to a bank. Within 5 minutes a small fire within the car set the whole car on fire. A huge smoke column and then the wires exploded one after the other. Another 5 minutes later the fire brigade arrived.
The next morning we went up to the Bahai Gardens, which are absolutely beautiful and allow a superb view over Haifa. And the Bahai religion seems to be one of the wisest after seeing Jerusalem^^
At the afternoon we visited Akko.

Franciscan monastery at Mount Tavor

In the Church of Annunciation

Bahai Gardens and the Shrine of Bab

burning car in Haifa

View from the Shrine of Bab over Haifa

Up the hill, a great view over Haifa

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