Monday, 20 June 2011

Prague - An awesome city and Couchsurfing rocks :D

Friday afternoon (17.06.) Marlen and Eugenia, two fellow students of mine, and I went to Prague. Another trip enjoying the pleasure of couchsurfing. When we arrived in Prague Jake, one of our CS hosts, throw the keys down we needed to get into the flat. Then he excused himself and went for a sleep while we got to know Jon, a couchsurfer from Leeds, UK who was staying at this place as we did. After we got to know we went for a first walk through Prague. Damn is that a great city :D Our host was located near the TV tower and from there we walked to the river, passing the major shopping mile and after some light dinner we went back to our host before it got too late. As we returned home the other host, Clabbe, was there with an American girl, Alexia, who were both extremely friendly and welcoming. After some story telling it became clear that we were going to party at the Swedish embassy... I was like "are you serious?".. and hell he was :P Two tram rides later we arrived at the Swedish embassy next to the Prague castle, walked to the first floor and were welcomed by a couchsurfing party within a merely 120sqm flat, which was owned by the vice ambassador - a couchsurfer, before we were guided to a 50sqm balcony over viewing all of Prague - what a view! It took some time until we were able to bring our lower jaws back into position. What a first evening to this brilliant city :D
Next morning we took a tram to the castle as we were hit by rain. Overall the weather was cloudy but luckily not too rainy. After seeing the castle we went to the Charle's bridge towards the old town square. What an astonishing town. Awesome architecture wherever you look. I totally fall in love with that city^^ After some very late lunch (finally got my dumplings) we went back to our hosts where Jon was making a delicious dinner :) Fully strengthen we visited 2 clubs while Alexia and I had much fun about major stereotypes about Americans, females and males :P At 4am we saw the first parts of sunrise over the Charle's bridge and full sun when we arrived back home. After a nearly sleepless night we enjoyed Brunch at Café Louvre... one of the most stylish Cafés I have seen lately. A good finish before we drove back home. Definitely will come back to this city :D

view over Prague from the castle

St. Vitus Cathedral within the castle

TV tower - babies crawling up and down^^

My charming travel companions :D

Charle's bridge and Prague castle

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