Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Dead Sea

Friday (03.06.) morning my parents and I arrived at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, Israel. 20°C at 4 o'clock in the morning was a nice welcome :) Uncomplicated we rented a car and went right away towards the infamous Dead Sea. A first stop near the "Mineral Beach" before we moved on to the oasis of Ein Gedi. After a sleep at the beach we head our first encounter with the Dead Sea. The swimming was extremely strange. The water somehow feels like oil and you hardly get your body below the water surface... that makes swimming kinda tough :P The famous "frog-style" of swimming leads to your legs swinging in the air^^ After some time we found a solid balance. Within the water huge blocks of salt were growing. The coast was covered with salt and any metals near the water were rusty. While enjoying the sun and the sea 4 jet fighters flew flew along the border to Jordan every hour.
After relaxing at the Dead Sea we walked into the Ein Gedi National Park, two small desert streams resulting in some oasis like green within the desert. Quite a tough walk under midday sun and 38°C :D
Later we drove further south, passing the luxury oasis Ein Boqeq and finally reached the small Moschaw Neot Hakikar, a village at the south of the Dead Sea close to the Jordan border. A short rest and a great Falafel for dinner at the village's swimming pool before we drove up the Sodom mountain and enjoyed the view over the Dead Sea on one and the desert on the other direction.
The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at Ein Boqeq and then visited the huge fortress Massada. A great place with a lovely view over the Dead Sea. Later we continued to Jerusalem...

Floating on the Dead Sea

Ein Gedi - Oasis in a desert

View ofer the Dead Sea from Mount Sodom

Massada fortress overlooking the Dead Sea

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