Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beit She'an and Safed

On monday (05.06.) morning we went to another swim at the Dead Sea before we continued north to Beit She'an an archaeological site where they excavated an old Roman/Byzantine city. Really impressive how many details remained of the city. It was not too hard to imagine the former life on the streets.
We then drove past the Sea of Galilae and went to the hill city Safed. The highest city of Israel and a really relaxed place. Tuesday we visited the city and especially the Synagoge and Artist quarter were charming. Many artists presented their art in small galleries and presented it with calm music and thus created a great peaceful atmosphere. A Yemeni then made us an awesome pizza-like food... with olives and 4 different kinds of self made cheese... topped with superb spices... most delicious pizza I ever ate :D
From Safed we then visited the Golan Heights

Excavation site of Beit She'an

View from a roof top in the Synagoge quarter of Safed

making Yemeni pizza :D

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