Monday, 28 January 2013

Obergurgl and Innsbruck

Wednesday (23.01.) morning I started with my colleague Marianne to an EMBO workshop in Obergurgl, Austria. After a short sleep our train left 5:50am... right the first train switching failed when an ICE from Berlin did not arrive in Naumburg. They gave us a new route catching another ICE in Jena... finally we arrived 6:20pm in Obergurgl - too long for such a short trip :P
The organizers welcomed us and all meeting participants were very friendly. Great atmosphere when Professors, group leaders, postdocs and phd students share breakfast/dinner tables and even rooms. After just 2 days I felt like knowing half of the ~120 participants personally :) Like some family meeting :P
The conference schedule was tight... each day breakfast from 7-8... then 2 sessions of talks with 30min break in between... from 12-4pm free time to ski, sleep or hike (we did the latter two :D)... another coffee break before the evening session. Then 2 hours for a 4 course dinner before poster sessions were held till 11pm... quite exhausting after 4 days :)
Walking up to Schönwieshütte in city clothes was rather a challenge :P It was a true winter wonderland to enjoy in Obergurgl. Never thought I'd ever say this: Those snow capped Alps are awesome :D

The last day (27.01.) we started quite early and subsequently had 1,5h to sightsee Innsbruck. The city has not too much to offer, but the scenery with the snow capped Alps in the background was gorgeous. And so was the cold, blue sky sprinkled with jet trails^^

Walking along Obergurgl

Obergurgl - most of it^^

near Schönwieshütte

Innsbruck in front of the Alps - gorgeous

freezing cold, blue sky over Innsbruck - covered with jet trails

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