Thursday, 21 March 2013

Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City - or better: the motorbike city!

Our route to go through Vietnam - nearly 2500km in 11 days
 Entering Vietnam was really relaxed as we got our visa before from the embassy in Berlin. The only hurdle was our taxi driver missing the address we told him... and somehow he was really pissed about it - something the locals, who came to calm down the situation, did not understand either. At our hotel we just got to hear that two of us had to sleep at a neighbouring hotel, as this one was full. However, we went straight to some restaurant for dinner and beer :D
bus ride from the airport into the center
Jan encountered two boys: "look at this fat twins, let's give them a titty-twist and run away"
Flo agreed "oh yea! cool :D", while I shook my head "You sick bastards!" :P
 The next morning (19.03.) started with some good fresh baguette. Then we went to see the Binh Thanh market and walked through the center along street markets, enjoyed coffee, saw the old post office and cathedral and enjoyed the vista from the rooftop bar of Sheraton Saigon. A short trip to the Jade Emperor Pagoda before we went to see the old residential palace where we watched some propaganda movies of how happy the south Vietnamese people must have been when they had been "rescued" by northern troops from the American occupiers. Regimes must be really wacky to make up such stories :/ We then took a taxi to china town... we were unsure whether the driver really brought us to the place we sought to... however, after wandering along the neighborhood of a market we had dinner at a really local restaurant. Nobody spoke english and we just ordered across the menu (which was in English tho^^). We ended up with Vietnamese wraps and all waitresses starred at us while we ate the food and had a lot of fun about it :P However, they helped us a lot and it left us with plenty laughs as well. At the end of the day we enjoyed some beers in a bar nearby our hotel.
Ben doing some morning fitness^^
central roundabout with statue of Tran Nguyen Hai
street markets... always so amazingly colorful in SOA :)
the gang :P

motorbikes everywhere^^

visiting the old post office
view from Sheraton level 23 rooftop bar
and enjoying :D
The next day (20.03.) we went on a trip to the Mekong Delta...

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