Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Mekong Delta

A relaxing 15 EUR per person brought us on a full day Mekong Delta tour. A bus brought us to My Tho, where we entered a boat riding along the river arms... the floating market was over already - if one was to see that, you have to be there in the very morning which means staying there over night... still it was nice to see the life on and at the river. The tour then brought us to some typical touristy stuff... traditional honey making, the making of coconut candies, popcorn making and traditional liquor pickled with snakes (we tried some of course^^). We then had lunch on a river island where we cycled around. Very pleasant! At they brought us on a fruit farm where we could enjoy lots of different fruits and in the end they performed some traditional play. The latter was a bit strange when some elder women perform a play for young tourists who can't really valid it and even have to hold back laughing - a bit embarrassing to both parties :/

If we were here in the morning we were to see the floating market :P
typical snake liquors...
Flo and I tried some :P drinkable but not tasty - they propose its healthy tho :P
The life on and at the river was nice to see
the gang cycles the island - only stomach sick Jan took a nap
However, all in all it was a great tour to see the Mekong Delta life and I would absolutely recommend it. Back in Saigon we checked out of our hotel, went to the bar from the evening before where our beloved waitress was happy to see us back and continued making lots of fun with us :D Later the bus took us to the hill side town Da Lat.
Tob and the waitress, who caused us laughs for 2 evenings :)

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