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Sangram Chougule


Sangram Chougule1Sangram chougule Born in a small village in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Sangram Chougule faced many difficulties to achieve the position he currently holds.
He is one of the most feared and revered bodybuilders India.
With its well-defined body, balanced and muscular Sangram went ahead to win a bronze medal at the 2011 World and Gold in Mr.India 2012
.In a workshop of Gold's Gym in Mumbai Sangram sayings about his ability, power and discipline.
Sangram Chougule  faced many difficulties to achieve his dream of becoming a bodybuilder most feared and best of India. From the moment he started bodybuilding, his destiny was a national title and Sangram knew. Each year, he trained hard, follow a strict diet, gained more muscle and improved his strength.
 Sangram Chougule is among the elite bodybuilders as a pro. His phenomenal symmetry, conditioning and engaging personality him a threat to take top honors in all cases in which it competes done.
Sangram has represented India in a number of international competitions, including the 2011 IFBB World Championships.

-Gender- Male
-height-5 feet 8 inche
-Weight-75 kg


   -Mr India 2010
   -Mr. South Asia
   -WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships Men (2011) - Men Bodybuilding 90 kg:
  -Asian and World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships (2011)
 - Asian Men Bodybuilding 85 kg:
  -Mr. India 2011
  -Mr. Asia 2010 5th
  -Mr. World 2010 Top 10
  -Federation Cup 2011 CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS
  -Mr. Maharashtra 2011
  -Mr. Maharashtra 2010
  -Mr. Pune                                              

                                                                             SANGRAM CHOUGULE DIET AND WORKOUT

Sangram Chougule bodyAccording Sangram "Success in bodybuilding is the product of many necessities properly combined. You need good genetics given by God, you must have the right to discipline got to the gym and consistent training, we must eat and you must perform the exercises correctly.
Then you need to dial all with equal import, no juice choose which ones you want Your body is like a car.. motor will not do you any good without steering, brakes, fuel and many other things, working together.
Sangram attack weights six days a week, with a system he described as "very intense, not a lot of rest, going as heavy as possible, but do as many repetitions as possible.
 Many people say: "I'll make a thousand pounds on the leg press for six repetitions. It will make me grow. This may give you some growth could, but would not it be better to make a thousand pounds for six reps, then quickly strip a couple of plates and do another 16 reps...
You can get a lot more blood into the muscle. Your fast twitch fibers react much better. "In all aspects of his training, Sangram is a man of great number.
Even its total sets per muscle group are at least 16, which today is bodybuilding heresy.I think in large quantities, "he points out, as well as four or six exercises per muscle group, staing with free weights in the offseason and machines using only when I am preparing for a show.

Sangram Chougule3Daily Diet-
Sangram said his daily diet consists of
   - 1 kilogram of fish
   - half a chicken
   -  milk and boiled vegetables.
   -1 kilo was limited to sugar, salt and oil to keep my body in shape, said there.


Question: How did you first think about weight training?
Sangram: This is my passion. You can say that this is my first love.
Question: Is it possible to lead a healthy life?
Sangram: Yes, bodybuilding or fitness training, can give you healthy and strong life.
Question: How did you train to build this body hulk-like?
Sangram: It's very simple if you follow these simple rules
   - Work hard,
    -eat healthy foods and
   -take proper rest.

Sangram Chougule indian bodybuilder
Question: What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a fitness model?
Sangram: To be a fitness model, you have to be true to yourself, do not cheat your workout and diet and train under a good trainer or coach in a good gym.
You must have patience, because to achieve something you have to give it time.
Question: How does your workout routine and pre-competition regime change from your routine?
Sangram: My pre-contest training includes more cardio, more reps, less rest between sets. And during those days, I eat a high protein diet with more fiber, for example, I eat a lot of green salads
Question:Give us an example of one of your typical training sessions.
Sangram: There is no typical workout for me, but I always train my lower my muscles strong muscles and this is what I do my workout routine.

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