Monday, 5 August 2013

Gdansk, Malbork, Torun, Poznan

Franzi and I continued our trip and drove from Sopot to Danzig (03.08.). It is a lovely hanseatic city. We slandered for several hours through the city, along all the amber stores. And we had much fun when running through a fountain and eating ice cream :)

Waterfront at the Motlawa river

Danzig's Neptune and the Lieschen that looks out of the window once a day
After Danzig we took another short beach time north east from Danzig. Later, we drove to Malbork to visit the famous Marienburg. The largest gothic fortress in Europe. The vista was stunning when the fortress was immersed in the golden late afternoon sun.

We then made our way till Torun where we stayed at PTTK Hostel, white an Eastern bloc feeling in and around it :P The next morning we slandered through the center, enjoyed breakfast in a cafè and later continued to Poznan. Both, Torun and Poznan, have really lovely city centers. Poznan is a bit bigger and offers some nice cathedrals as well :) We arrived back in Leipzig late at night...

Franzi in Torun's lovely center

Poznan's gorgeous and ...

pictures main square :)

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