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Chest Workouts for men at Home


The chest is a part of the body located between the neck and abdomen. It protects the body's major organs such as the heart and lungs. With the help of appropriate and regular exercises, pectoral and trapezius muscles can be strengthened to protect these sensitive organs of the body.
Chest Workouts1The chest exercise helps maintain fitness levels and supports the delicate organs as mentioned above. Following are the chest exercises you can do at home with ease, and are very helpful.

Push ups -
Push ups are considered the best chest exercises at home. This type of training is used in bodybuilding. There are many types or variants of this chest exercise as senior board push, push ups, boxer guillotine push ups, push ups Maltese, etc. The basic method or way to do a push up is to face ground while lying in a horizontal position and to raise the body by means of arms. The push ups are used for many activities such as athletic training, military training, physical education in schools, etc. plank push ups are extremely difficult to achieve because it requires total body weight to be transferred on the hands, while the legs raised in the air. Push the top of the boxer are done with boxing gloves and using fingers instead of palms. In Maltese push ups, hands are placed near the hips rather than pectorals normal push ups. The distance between the hands in Maltese push ups is higher than other push ups.

                                                                                   Dumbbell Pull -
Chest Workouts2The dumbbell pullover too occurs in the supine position on a bench. The dumbbells should be held in a position above the head, then lowered back. While lowering the dumbbells, you can feel a stretch in the rib cage. This dumbbell exercise helps to work the muscles of the chest. Training must be done slowly and carefully to avoid any kind of injury. The advantage of using a bench is that the possibilities of arm movements increases.

Flyes cable -
Flyes of the cables are made with cable pulleys which have D-handles. Initially, the weight parameters of the machine should be adjusted so that the completion of 10 to 15 repetitions would be easy. The handle of the cable must be entered between the thumb and the palm instead of the fingers. The first cable handle must be pulled with one hand while the second handle is grasped with the other hand. While both hands take control of cable handles when the arms are straight, both legs must be taken before one by one and rested in a stable position. Hands should then be pushed forward in a gesture of embrace. Hand movement must be preceded by inhalation and replaced by expiration. This completes one repetition of the exercise of the fly cable.
Regular exercise is good for your health, and you should take the time to do the simple chest exercises at home to strengthen the pectoral muscles and attached.


Using dumbbells to do chest exercises help build the chest. When you do chest exercises, it is important to follow the steps correctly to avoid causing injury to yourself and get the desired results.

Dumbbell Fly -
This chest exercises are practiced by both women and men. To do this exercise make sure that the bench is not surrounded by anything. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and lie on the back. Extend your right arm, but bend your elbows slightly. Raise both hands to the sky as if you were about to embrace the trunk of a giant tree. Tighten your muscles, when you come into this position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner. Repeat pectoral for 2 to 3 sets of 10 counts each, but when you start, start with one set of 12 counts.

 Dumbbell Bench Press -
Chest Workouts3This is one of the best chest exercises for mass. Lie on the bench with dumbbells in both hands. Extend your hands towards the sky, so that the dumbbells are just above the chest. Reduce your dumbbells slowly to the chest, so that your elbows are back in and you have controlled movements. Push the dumbbell to the starting position, but in a slow and controlled manner. When you push the dumbbells up, make sure you do not lock your elbows, because it can cause injury to the elbows. Make sure you have the correct form of bench press when you're exercising.

Dumbbell lateral raises -
Although most chest exercises for men and women are made using the bench, there are a few chest exercises that can also be done without a bench too. These are the dumbbell lateral raises, which is counted among the best chest exercises for men and women. This is a compound exercise that works the back and chest muscles at the same time. Stand with dumbbells in both hands. Bend your elbows slightly and place the dumbbells in front of your thighs. Slightly bend your hips and knees. Slowly raise your arms, so that the bends are in line with the shoulders. When you increase your hands elbows and wrists should be on one line. Hold for a few seconds before you release and repeat the exercise.


Warm Up-
is an important step before any workout. If the heating is not done properly, the muscle can recover more or get sore. Sometimes, poor or no preheating can even cause injury. This is why it is important, before beginning a safe, or any workout you perform heating. Heating may be a slight jog for 10 minutes. The warm up should be such that you sweat a little. Execution will warm the blood flowing properly throughout the body, it will prepare the body for exercise and also avoid injury. Therefore, make a light jogging session before performing strength exercises for the chest.
Push ups -
Push ups are great exercises for upper and lower chest too. To perform push ups, lie face down on the ground against, and place your palms on the floor shoulder-width apart and raise your body a little, so that the palms and soles of the feet touch the ground. Then stand up slowly, then lower again to form a repetition. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions each. Another good exercise that does not require weight press ups. You need a solid bar to perform press upward. Press ups to help build muscles shoulders and chest.
Pec Dec -
This is one of the best training in the chest exercises because it focuses on all the major muscles of the chest. To perform these exercises, you need a machine pec Dec. Keep bars  pec Dec machine with your hands and keep your arms at shoulder level. Then push the two rods to one another, and slowly return to the starting position. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions.
Wall raises -
These are good low-impact and one of the best chest exercises at home that the elderly can also be used. To perform these exercises right foot of a wall at a distance arm. Then, place your palms on the wall, shoulder width apart, and keep your legs straight, except the ankles. Then lower your upper body toward the wall, then push. Repeat 20 times more, and do more together.

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