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Motivational Workout Quotes for Men


Motivational Workout 1
1 .muscles are built by effort, not excuses......

2. Of course it's hard,
    it's supposed to be hard,
    if it were easy,everybody would do it.
    Hard is what makes it great.

3. sweat is fat crying

4. I don't stop when i'm  tired,
    i stop when i'm done....

5.Your Stomach shouldn't Be a waste basket...

6. you have the potential to make beautiful things....

7. no matter who you are,
    no matter what you do,
    you absolutely,positively do have the power to change.

8. if it doesn't challenge you,then it doesn't change you..

9. take care of your's the only place you have to live in

10. think about why you started

11.success isn't always about greatness.
     it's about consistency.
     consistent hard work gains success.

12. what's my secret?it's new diet pill called ''get up and work your butt off  every

13. no matter how slow you go,you are still lapping everybody on the couch

14. nothing tastes as good as being fit feels

15. the difference between who are you
     and who you want to be is what you do.
     and what you have to do
     to get where you want to be
     may not be pretty or may not come easy....

16. today is my tomorrow it's up to me to shape it,
    to take control and size every opportunity.
    the power is in the choices
    i make each day
    i eat well,i live well.....

17. the only bad workout is the one that didn't happen.

18. motivation is what gets
  you started.habit is what keeps you going

19. for every minute you spend debating whether or not to work out,
you could be working out

20. i do it because i can;
      i can because i want to;
      i want to because you said i couldn't.

                                                 HARDCORE WORKOUT QUOTES FOR MEN-

Motivational Workout Quotes
More hardcore quotes best to competitive athletes, or those who like to compete informally around the gym apply. Intense people who put a premium on winning are more likely to believe that "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." This is one of unattributed quotes on site fitness coach Dr. Sam Bakhtiar. Others motivators include hardcore "Pain is temporary, pride is forever" and "If it is important for you, you find a way. Otherwise, you will find an excuse."


Attempt to inspire beginners with quotes from no pain / no gain school can backfire. They can not return or may try so hard that they end up injured. Instead, beginners need gentle encouragement. Fitness expert Chris Freytag is described in the American Council on Exercise website also addicted to inspirational quotes. Some of his favorites are perfect for beginners, as "The secret of getting ahead is to start", Mark Twain, and "strive for progress, not perfection," a stated objective in programs 12 steps. She also love quotes that highlight the cost of not trying, as the quote from Wayne Gretzky:. "You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take"


The quotes are popular with the crowd mind-body makes holistic workouts such as yoga or tai chi. Yoga, which is historically linked to Hinduism, is open to motivational quotes of a spiritual nature. While many yoga classes are totally secular, focusing on strength, stretching and de-stressing, some yoga teachers like to include quotes from holy Hindu texts. Yoga teacher Erica Rodefer Winters shared some of his favorites on the site "Yoga Journal," including the Hindu text "The Upanishads": "Watch your thoughts, they become words Watch your words, they become actions Watch.. your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. "


If you want to try to use an inspirational quote during your workout, pick a favorite and silently repeat a mantra through the most difficult parts of your fitness regime. Freytag recommends putting your quotes more motivation where you can see them. You can use them as a screen saver on your phone or laptop, or write on a post-it affixed to your front door or bathroom mirror. Freytag same door motivational quotes on jewelry.

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