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How To Build Lean Muscle


The majority of people want to pack on lean muscle mass, but they are not willing to put in the extra work, and they do not have the dedication to follow very strict diet is necessary. You can work out in the gym seven days a week until you're blue in the face, but if your diet is not up to par, then you will not see a significant increase in lean muscle mass .
The best way to gain muscle is to follow a strict diet that continues to fuel your body with high quality protein at frequent intervals, not only to feed the fire, but also to keep your metabolism start to repel and destroy any persistent body fat. You can be armed with a solid workout routine as a rock with all the weight gainers, supplements, and creatine, but if your diet is not on point, then you will have trouble increasing your lean muscle mass. So if you want to know how to gain muscle, you must follow the five tips we share below.


1.Always sure you have a good breakfast:--
Build Lean Muscle1    You've probably heard the saying, 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day' and could not be more accurate. When you wake your body is starving for fuel, as it has been asleep for an extended period of time. Eating breakfast starts your metabolism by feeding your muscles the day before. It also allows to set the pace of your metabolism, because once you pull up you want to maintain this level throughout the day.
2.Eat several small meals throughout the day:--
     First, lets think about something for a while.
 The standard three meals a day, eat as much as you can cram into your throat will only lead to weight gain. If you really want the best way to gain muscle and get ripped, then you need to eat several small meals throughout the day.
 Eat more often not only keeps your energy level high doped without crashing, but it keeps your metabolism working hard throughout the day.when people hear that they need to eat six small meals throughout of the day, the most common answer is: "I do not have time to do this," and then they give up.
These are excuses and types of people who respond in this way does not not want it enough. Of course, not everyone has the time to prepare all meals of the day, but with so many meal replacement bars and 'rtd' available, there is no excuse to miss a meal.
3.Load after your workout :--
   The word 'carbs' scares a lot of people, and they are afraid of losing their abs by eating carbohydrates. The truth is that you need to load your body with both carbs and protein after training. They are essential to build more lean muscle. It is suggested that you take protein immediately after your workout at the gym in the form of a protein shake.
Sweet potatoes and brown rice are great sources.You want to know how to get muscles? eat.. The breakfast and the post workout meal are the two most important meal of the day to provide your muscles with what they need to grow.
 Load after your workout, because if you limit consumption, it will limit the amount of lean muscle you can pack on.
4.Eliminate late night snacking:--
   We just tell you how important that carbohydrates were after your workout, but now it's time for you to understand that carbohydrates have a time and place.
You need carbs as soon as you wake up and right after the workout, but it is a good idea to cut your other meals.Do you think a late night pizza will help you to make muscle gains skinny? of course not, so if you're serious about getting ripped and packing on muscle while staying away form the late night snacking. As the day progresses, you do not work to burn carbs, so if you enter your afternoon and evening diet, then they are just being stored as fat.


Build Lean Muscle2   Just as with a program of fat loss, lean muscle gaining program starts with calories. Most men need 3300-4000 calories to gain lean mass, more if they are very active.
If you are average body weight, OR a little less weight, you'll probably have a maintenance level around 2500-3000, depending on how active you are. It's just a generalization.
It is best to use a calorie calculator and determine your exact optimal maintenance level.
    Once you calculate your daily maintenance level, your extra calories should be 10-20% over TDEE. For most men, it is 400-600 calories above maintenance. This will give you a good starting point. For example, if your TDEE out to 3000 calories per day, then you will need about 3500 calories per day gain lean body mass .
 If you go too high, you'll probably gain fat with. Keep surplus muscle but keep the small surplus because you can not force feed your way more muscle mass. Excess calories will still be stored as fat.
   Remember that your initial calorie calculations are only a starting point. Whenever you change your calories, your metabolism will adjust like a thermostat in an attempt to maintain a certain balance in the body weight. . This is the reason why many people gain weight initially on 3200-3600 calories per day, but later need to increase until about 4000.
   Except for very large and  men 'improve' anabolically very active, very few need more than 4000-4500 calories to gain weight Eat more calories and more to think that you will continue to gain more muscle does not work.


Build Lean Muscle31) Use the optimal frequency of meals:--
Six meals a day is optimal. If you eat less than five to six meals per day, you will either,
 a. in the level of excess calories needed to gain muscle, or
 b. if you meet your calorie needs, then you overeat by meal, which can contribute to fat storage. You could get by with five meals, depending on your calorie needs, but if your calorie needs are high (eg, 3500 +, and six meals is optimal.
2) Keep your meal moderate size Think of calories per session, not just the total caloric intake for the day. If you need to gain weight 3500, then three 1166 calorie meals will not do.
3) Continue to moderate amounts of cardio Unless you are the 'fast metabolism  type of genetically gifted body, you need cardio to minimize fat gain and maximize gain lean mass.
I recommend three days a week, 25-30 minutes  yes, even on a gaining muscle program. Most people avoid cardio completely, thinking that the extra cardio will cancel the extra calories ... what it does, unless you increase your calories even more. So basically, you eat more and do more cardio.
4) Choose high thermal foods and natural food:--
 Enjoy foods that boost your metabolism such as vegetables, natural carbohydrates and lean proteins. Great carbs for lean weight gain include yams, oatmeal, whole grains, beans, brown rice, potatoes. For proteins, choose one of the following options for each of your six meals: lean red meat, eggs (especially the whites, yellows Limited), chicken breast, turkey breast, protein powder, fish or cottage cheese.
5) Avoid processed and Heavy foods:--
 Many people use a program to "gain weight" as an excuse for "pig" on everything and anything. However, your goal should be muscle gain, not weight gain. Again, unless you're the type of fast metabolism body, you can not afford to eat junk foods containing refined white flour, white sugar and processed fat. You simply have to eat large amounts of healthy food. The food should not change that much between weight gain, and weight loss programs, what changes is the amount of calories.
6) Do not forget to include fats and essential oils:--
Include at least 1 tablespoon  day of essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil  or eat fish . at least 2-3 times per week.
These good fats help with hormone levels of muscle growth, they even have a thermal effect in small quantities, while saturated fats are non-thermal, and they reduce insulin sensitivity. Moreover, these "good fats" are perfect to boost your calories too because they are so dense in calories.  Using essential fatty acids is easy to get the number of calories you need to gain weight means.
7) Zig Zag your calorie intake:--
 use the method of calorie cycling. Now, what could be the most important technique of all - especially if you are an endomorph .This technique is parallel to my advice for the loss of fat. Programs on fat loss, I recommend that you do not stay on low calories for a long period of time without 'recharge' and take a day more calories to avoid the metabolism to slow down.
 The same technique can be used in reverse to gain lean muscle without fat. To gain lean tissue you need a surplus of calories.
 Instead of staying in an excess of 100% of the time, if you zig zag your caloric intake between 3 days to a surplus of about 10to16% compared to the interview, you reduce the calories down to the maintenance or 6to10% below maintenance (deficit), you prevent the accumulation of body fat. The disadvantage of this technique is that you spend less time in a surplus, so that the muscle gains occur more slowly, but the tradeoff is worth it because you save time that should be spent regime grease a later date.


These exercises work on many more muscle groups than regular exercises. Therefore, if you really want to achieve big muscles quickly, then you must follow these multi-joint compound exercises.
Some multi-enclosed compound exercises that can help build lean muscle mass fast. You can also find information on muscle groups these exercises work.

-The barbell rows and pull (biceps and back)
-Squats (lower back and legs)
-Overhead Press (triceps and shoulders)
-Bar dips (arms, chest and shoulders)
-Bench press (triceps, shoulders and chest)
-Deadlifts (shoulders, back and legs)


Build Lean Muscle4
You need to lift heavy weights if you really want to achieve lean muscle mass quickly. It's that simple. You should not be worried about what others will dissipate your gym. Focus on your weightlifting and progress. However, make sure that the weight you are lifting heavy enough to challenge your body and at the same time should not be too heavy they can hurt you.
   Here is the best way to understand if you lift the weight is too light, too heavy or just for your body - if you use the correct form and are able to perform 10-12 reps with each weight, the weight is just right enough to challenge your body, if you are not able to do 8 reps, then it is too heavy, and if you are able to perform more than 13 reps, then it is too little for your body.


If you really want to achieve lean muscle quickly, then you must understand that long workouts do not work. For best results, you should make sure that the weight workout is not more than an hour.
In addition, you do not need to train every day. Three days a week is enough, especially when you follow the schedule listed below or similar.
-Monday: biceps, back and arms
-Tuesday: pause
-Tuesday: Legs
-Sunday break
-Friday: triceps, shoulders and chest
-Sunday break
-Sunday break
  So you understand the basic secrets behind building lean muscle mass. The key to successful weight training to build lean muscle mass is planned workouts with enough rest and proper diet. If you can follow the tips mentioned above, you will soon find everyone to ask your secrets.

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