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V Shaped Body Workout


V Shaped Body 1
You want to build a V Body shape perfect shape as an athlete or a model have? Build a perfect body is sometimes very difficult. But to build a perfect V-shape body with little effort may be possible. It takes patience and effort, efforts to choose a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle combines a healthy diet and workout. Both combinations will force your body to get a perfect body shape V.
For a V-shaped body of an athlete or a model follow a daily workout routine and also follow a perfect diet. Diet is important to gain muscle and lose excess fat. Although exercise tones the body and build body V-shaped


A healthy diet is the most important part of weight loss and build muscle. It constitutes 80% of our program. Without a healthy diet, it is almost impossible to get a perfect body. It is very important to take care of what we eat! How we eat! Workout will increase metabolism and tone muscles to a great extent, but the weight will not come at a significant level if you do not follow a good diet. A healthy diet provides all the nutrients for the proper development of the body. It gives us energy efficient to work and live life to the fullest.
1.Take 5 meals small meals of equal proportions.
2.Include Fruits and vegetables in the diet that serve every day in food. Fruit juice early in the morning is good for health and it promotes rapid fat loss.
3.Include protein in every meal.
4.Include fiber in the diet.
5.Avoid Processed foods and fast .
6.take look at food or keep a journal to keep track
7.Drink 2-3 liters of water a day or more depending on the condition.

                                          PROPER WORK OUT FOR V SHAPED BODY

V Shaped Body 2
Training plays an important role in the proper development of the body shape. Get a perfect body with a V-shaped easily with some basic exercise. It includes push-ups, lunges, crunches and running will be a great exercise.
Push-ups is the easiest exercise. It is carried by athletes, models, actors, body builders. It is considered the best exercise and recommended for everyone, anyone any age. It provides full body workout. Their greatest advantage is that it can be performed anywhere and anytime. It develops upper body and lower body also. It provides complete workout for the arms, shoulders, back and abs.
Slots -
 Slots is the best bodybuilding exercise that Lunges develops lower body. It strengthens leg muscles and provides around the development of the back and abdominals.
Steps to make slots -
1.Stand right foot forward and left foot back 3 feet.
2.Bend the lower knee and before the ground until the knee is slightly back inch floor. And raise without moving the foot. To do this, 10 is repeated on each side.
3.10 repetition is both side complete 1 set.
4.10 × 3 sets should be done.
Crunches is crucial part of losing weight and staying in shap . Crunches tone the abdominal muscles and back muscles. It plays an important role in the development of the V-shaped body
-15 × 3 sets of crunches is the best option
Traction --
Traction work your back, especially your lats. Tractions also work the shoulders, neck, traps and triceps. This is an exceptional year because you use your own body weight to perform a lift compound. This leads to more toning your back, leading to the coveted V-shape that most people want.


V Shaped Body 3Tapered V-shaped from broad shoulders to a small size- is the first thing that many bodybuilders want to know. This is often what sets apart bodybuilders in the gym and highlights on the beach or even in the street. This is what makes a guy look like a superhero comic about saving the world!
There are three main groups of muscles that you must consider when planning how to build upper body to an impressive degree. Let's see them one by one.
a. Lat-
The lats are the muscles that cover the sides of the middle of the back, up to the armpit. As a bodybuilder, you will always want to continue to build bigger and wider lats.
There are two types of exercises that you should use if you want to work and build the lats. The first pulls and moves down. It is about building width. The second row is (eg cable lines and dumbbell rows) and raised, based thickness. You will need to cover both.
b. Deltoids-
Are deltoid muscles covering the shoulder joint, forming the rounded shape of the shoulder. Your goal when you consider how to build upper body V is to build a strong form of ball, round the shoulder. This gives massive than broad shoulders look.
How to build deltoids is to use both an action heavy pressure and exercises raise lever. Take as much weight as possible without sacrificing form. Raises must always be carried out with full control, never swinging the weight.

Exercises that you might want to include are--
 seated press, dumbbell lateral raises, bent over lateral raises and lateral raises cable both in front and behind the back.
c. Abdominal-
Although they may seem out of place in an article on how to build your upper body, abs are just as important as the other two muscle groups. Having a tight vagina triggers shoulders and contributes to the development of top width.

V Shaped Body 4If you are interested in build upper body shape V, you'll want to tighten rather than build the abs so that you do not develop a thick waist. For this reason, some experts recommend not to use weights in your abs workout and do not do side bends. This may go against what others tell you, but give it a try if you want to increase the contrast between the weight and shoulders.

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