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Heera Lal Indian Bodybuilder


Heera Lal1
 Hira Lal Khillan(Born in 1977), a head constable with the Punjab police of Kapurthala town in the northwest of India, became Mr. Universe in 2011 with a gold medal at the 64th World Bodybuilding Championship in 65 kg weight category. The championship organized by the Indian Body Building Federation, was held from 4 to 7 November in Mumbai.
There are more national top bodybuilders used in the Punjab police, so they regularly earn the highest ranking team in Punjab Championships. World Championships 2008 in Bahrain was the first international event of Hira. He finished in 9th place display well developed muscles, hard and defined. Hira Lal will have the opportunity to take part in the 2009 World Police and Fire Games in Vancouver, Canada, with a good chance of winning a medal.


Full Name    :  Hira LAL
Category      :  Men's bodybuilding up to 65 kg
Country        :  India
Born             :  1977
Competition Weight : 65 kg  
Body Height  : 166 cm
Current Residence : Kapurthala, Punjab State, India
Education      :  High School
Gym (Trainer Club) : Power Health Club
City               : Punjab
Trainer Name : Ashok Kumar

Heera Lal2


65 kg of weight.
height 5.6
Chest 43 '
Waist 27 '
Biceps 18 '
Thigh 26 '
Strongest Body Part: triceps and chest


Jr. Mr. India 2000. Punjab Champion eight times,
Mr. Punjab 2008 Federation Champions Cup four times,
Mr. India 2 times,
 Mr. G.N.D.U.
 Mr. Interversity.
 Mr. Gold Medal Asia 2010 [Bahrain]
Mr. gold in 2011 [Bombay]
MR. World Men's 2008 Championships  (65 kg class)
2006 Punjab Championships - 1st place (65 kg class)


Heera Lal3Enjoying singing Indian national anthem while earning my gold medal for India in Bahrain after 10 years now and win the gold medal for India in the 65th. World Bodybuilding Championships Amature Mumbai after 23 years.
 It has been a long time since India was ready to receive such achievemnt in body building, but the wait comes after more than twenty-three years, and this was done by Mr. Hira Lal. There is another design that make India proud, he lives in Kapurthala, Punjab. In 1988, it was Premchand Degra won the title since India has not yet received a medal.
This overwhelming HAND Mr.Hira lal said: "" This is a dream come true ... I am extremely happy to have won the title for the country, it is also a chief constable in the Punjab Police He also said that it was his childhood visits to the akhada with his father led him to take the professional bodybuilding.

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