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How To Become a Bodybuilder


 Become a Bodybuilder
Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights. You can build muscle mass, but it must be done the right way...
There must be the right kind of diet and vitamins. You need to do weight training with a group managed its calorie and food intake, to enjoy the muscle definition & mass. Another very important thing you should rest..


when you try to learn how to become a bodybuilder, your diet is about 80% of your bodybuilding success, so you must keep and maintain a very strict diet. If you do not keep a very strict diet, then you will be wasting your time at the gym. The food you consume should be rich in lean protein and complex carbohydrates. For example, brown rice, oats, fruits and many vegetables flakes. Following these guidelines will help eliminate a lot of fat and increase muscle mass.
We spoke earlier of nutrition is the key for you to achieve and maintain your goal weight. Bad food will do anything for you. Some supplements can be good as certain vitamins and iron. Weight gainers and protein shakes help you give your body the right amount and enough of the essential elements for the muscles.
Become a Bodybuilder2Small meals 5-6 times a day is the best way to eat because it will increase your metabolism. Therefore, you burn more amounts of fat. Eating is often important because after three or four hours without food your body will go to a catabolic state that is where you lose muscle and gain fat.  If you really want to see results, you should eat four to six meals a day which is about every three hours.
 Each meal should consist of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in appropriate quantities. Eating a meal that is not balanced will not help you get the results you want. You must have enough of each component to keep your metabolism and energy levels. Over the right foods help you build muscle mass.


A bodybuilder needs to work on strength and endurance exercises such as leg lifts, squats,  lateral pull downs, the deltoid exercises rear laterals, bench presses,chest presses,  dumbbell presses and biceps curls arm curls and gymnastics just to name a few. There are many exercises that you must do to achieve all the muscles in your body. You will need to do cardio and this helps to build endurance, energy and excretion of fat.
You must force your muscles to grow by increasing weight and repetitions you do for your work. The amount of repetition for men and women from four to six repetitions for almost all exercises. This is especially true for your games, intense finals. This does not include warm-up sets or acclimation, only your last sets.
There is only based on a muscle to increase lean muscle mass and become stronger and is progressively greater overload. You must require more muscle expanding and strengthening. To stimulate overload, you must increase the resistance. For you to increase resistance, you need to add to the amount of weight or repetitions you do.
Low repetitions allow you to increase the overload specific muscle immediately.
Short runs are not a woman to win big. Low reps do for stronger and more toned faster than senior representatives muscles.
 If you are able to do repetitions of an exercise, the weight is not heavy enough to carry overload.
How do you guarantee that the correct weight to use? Well look like that if you do your reps and if you are able to do more than six representatives on your last heavy sets, the amount of weight is too light, and on the other hand, if you have problems and do not at least four times that it is too much weight.
The idea of ​​the quantity or representatives breaks down like this; representatives are 4-6 for all heavy sets. You must get stimulated to benefit from weight training muscle, you must use lower reps generate sufficient overload.


Become a Bodybuilder3As you can see, there is much that goes into body building. It requires a strong commitment and dedication.
You must follow a strict workout routine and follow a strict diet to achieve the results you want to see. It will take time. You can not start doing more repetitions with heavy weights right away if you do not want to hurt you. Start low weight and increase the repetitions, once you reach the amount of ten representatives to increase the weight. You will make more of a series of repetitions as you go. Two sets of ten repetitions and so on.
If you intend to keep this muscle until it will be a continuous routine, once you reach your desired goal, and then you can keep your heavy level. Make sure you are not late, you have to work the amount of weight, reps and sets you do. You can be seriously injured if you do not


You build muscle while you are exercising, but when you are at rest, that is a fact, and it has been proven by many researchers in the past.  take rest at least 8 hours per night is essential. While all protein synthesis in resting muscles takes place, and it is able to focus and work more efficiently on the muscles that were used to carry the highest load in the training days, allowing therefore more growth and better recovery.



Before you start your strength training program, you will need to do a complete check on your body to see if you're healthy. During your weeks, months and maybe even years of bodybuilding, be sure to stay on this with your doctor. Check your blood at least once a month or once every two months.

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