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Goldberg Body Workout And Diet


Goldberg Body

Birthday : December 27, 1966 in Tulsa , Oklahoma , USA

Birth Name : William Scott Goldberg

Nickname : Da Man

Height : 6 '2 ½

 He went to school at the University of Georgia , where he was an All -SEC nose guard and All-American . He was drafted by the Rams and went to the WLAF where his team the Sacramento Surge won the World Bowl.
He was then signed by the Falcons where he played for three years before he suffered a torn abdominal muscle.
He was drafted by the Panthers in the expansion draft 95, but could not play .
He would lose the title at Starrcade December 98 in a match that was also his first loss as a professional wrestler.
He then began a feud with Bret Hart during their Starrcade 99 match Bret began in the head so hard that Bret suffered a career -ending injury .


Goldberg is so dedicated to his training regime he built a gym room above his garage  and it gets there at 5:30 .
Rather than lifting heavy loads intense that he wore a body NFL and WWE , it performs this type of routine maintenance when it comes to his training workout routine.
Goldberg made ​​explosive movements such as Olympic snatches , deadlifts , and squats , but uses much less weight now than him.
Goldberg is big on muscle confusion and goes to the gym with a new plan every day.
More weight , Goldberg performs kickboxing and did a lot of stretching . Goldberg said " a muscle is a stronger muscle. "

DAY : 1
Goldberg Body Workoutheavy cleaning
Fragments of light
Olympic Squats
Weighted Back Extensions

DAY : 2
Heavy fragments
Cleans light
Close- Grip Incline  Press
weighted dips

DAY : 3
Push Presses Behind the Neck
T -Bar Rows
Weighed Close- Grip Pull-Ups
Standing Sit- Ups

DAY: 4
High Jumpers
Military Press
dumbbell clean and press
Decline dumbbell Press
Standing Sit- Ups


 Goldberg is high in protein and low in fat. He eats 12 egg whites and a yellow for breakfast with a half pound of turkey bacon .
To burn fat throughout the day, he has a half- pot of coffee a day .

Goldberg Body and diet

He drinks up to 15 bottles of water a day and always made sure to get a good night's sleep .
If he does not get enough sleep , then make sure to take naps during the day.

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