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Great Khali Body And Diet Plan


Great Khali Body

Name of the Ring  :- The Great Khali
Khalis height :- 7 ft 3 in
Khalis weight :- 190 kg
Birthday :- 27, 1972 Dhirana , Himachal Pradesh, India
Resides in Jalandhar , Punjab , India
WWE Debut October 7, 2000
Dalip Singh Rana The Great Khali was born August 27, 1972 at Dhirana town , Himachal Pradesh , India. Khali was the third of eight children of the Rana family.
Wrestler Khali is an Indian wrestler and actor and recently signed to WWE World wrestling on its RAW brand .
Before beginning his journey as a wrestler, Dalip Singh was an officer in the Punjab police and a great bodybuilder.
Khali has also worked for an Indian restaurant in Malibar Hill. Great Khali won the title of Mr. India in 1995 and 1996.


Great Khali Workout Dalip Singh khali married Stephen Kaur February 27, 2002 . He is very attached to his village and his purpose in life is to support his family and help his entire village in one way.
It is a model for the youth of Punjab. He advised them to stay away from drugs and lead a healthy and disciplined life by taking up the sport.

In any regime Great Khali WWE has pretty much . His Diet is responsible for its strong muscles and made it so powerful.
Each Indian gets his muscle as Khali . Everyone knows that the WWE Khali can beat any wrestler.
Khali was trained to fight in America and has also become the " World Heavyweight Champion" once in WWE.


Great Khali DietKhali diet very strange. He eats enough food in one day. Diet Plan Khali has not been confirmed, but the diet that almost written below .

Morning Session :-
In the morning Khali takes fruit and fruit juice, two quarts of milk, 100 grams of dried fruit, eggs 8 .
Before breakfast , Khali drinking water and walking for 10 minutes. Khali also take 200 grams of chicken and lots of bread for breakfast.
Evening session :-
Khali takes in lunch cheese dish , curry , pulses , vegetables, 15 wheat bread , rice, 1 kg of chicken, 5 eggs, 90 g of dried fruit and taking candy after lunch.
After lunch , he walks for 15 minutes and then , if it does not work , then it goes to sleep or watch television .
Night Session :-
Khali takes in dinner dish cheese , legumes , vegetables, 10 wheat bread , brown rice, 200 grams of chicken , 6 eggs , two liters of milk and takes ice after dinner.
Then he will see the television news. Sometimes it goes to the garden of the house on foot.

Khali also used dish , curd and butter in three session.

This is why Khali diet and also strange because it changes their diet according to the season .

Meanwhile Khali has tea or coffee , cold drink , a little junk food , candy and ice cream. Khali also takes shakes in between.

Great Khali Body Workout

In the history of the WWE Khali is the first man who is a religious person and he has no bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc.

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