Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Castro Urdiales and Santander

After a good morning swim in San Sebastian (16.08.) we left early taking the coastal road towards Castro Urdiales. On the way we stopped for a brunch. Quite some great views along the coast.
Arriving in Castro Urdiales the next Fiesta waited for us. The centre of the small town was filled with people and tents. They seemed to be grouped by T-Shirts sharing the same tents. They didn't intend to sell anything but just enjoy their party at the docks.
Everyone seemed half naked, texts written all over the body, mixing 50 litre pots of Sangria - simply enjoying an awesome party :D When the needed a refreshment, they simply jumped from the docks into the water... a rescue boat was waiting there, just to be sure^^ As well as 5 ambulances around the docks. I guess they know why they need it :P
Everywhere BBQs... Grills filled with steaks and spare ribs, yummy :D Water was cooled in the huge Sangria pots, where else?
But we just had a short stop here to enjoy the folks and then continued on our road towards Santander. Famous for it's bank the city is much more sophisticated. Quite stiff compared to the partying cities before. But we found a convenient spot at one of the plenty beaches to spent the night. Unluckily we forgot about the truck renewing the beaches every night... so that one woke us up... but we just turned around and continued sleeping :P
The next morning a refreshing swim waited for us before we continued to Oviedo.

BBQ at the coast :P

Party folks in Castro Urdiales

Banko Santander

Good morning swim after a night at the beach

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