Monday, 22 August 2011

Porto, Coimbra and Tomar

At the evening (20.08.) we enjoyed dinner in Porto. Seafood followed by an awesome cake and port whine was a perfect start into Porto. The next morning (21.08.) we enjoyed a great breakfast with cakes, pastries and coffee. I love the Portuguese cakes, so delicious. Totally stuffed we took a walking tour through Porto ending at the river front for another coffee and internet^^ Best combination :P While strolling through Porto's streets you always hear the sound of seagulls... a nice city, but it didn't catch up with the expectations we had after we read all descriptions.
We then continued to Coimbra, Portugals oldest and biggest university. After a sleep at the nearby camp site, where we disturbed everyone :P, we went to visit the city (21.08.). But as well our expectations were not met. Probably because we had university cities like Heidelberg, Cambridge or Oxford in mind... but Portugal is not famous for it's university traditions, unlike UK, Germany and France.
Next we went to visit Tomar, a world heritage site. And indeed that was an awesome place. A little castle with stunning palace inside. And in the middle is a huge church, unexpected from outside a beautiful big room enfolds inside. A great stop before we finished our day in Lisbon...

Porto's charming streets with the famous old Portuguese trams

Riverside view of Porto

A lot of stunning squares

Coimbra's main square, the best place in town

Tomar's world heritage site

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