Tuesday, 16 August 2011

San Sebastian - the Basque Country

When we arrived in San Sebastian at late evening (14.08), a huge firework was waiting for us. The biggest I've seen so far.
Later we were told that it was the beginning of Fiesta, a one week city fest hold in spanish cities in summer :D Lucky us^^
The streets were filled with people, young and old. We walked along the beach promenade towards the city centre... all the streets were filled with people singing, dancing, drinking, eating... what a party all over the city.
"Dos grande cervezas, por favor" (2 big beer please) - a sentence we repeated plenty times that evening hopping from bar to bar. Musicians were playing in the streets, even a concert near the docks. At 7am we went to sleep on the beach, the party was getting quiet slowly.
The next midday we woke up on a busy beach with people chatting, sun bathing (tho there were many clouds) and swimming :D Good timing to take a morning swim in the Atlantic :P
After we recovered at the beach we went sightseeing through the town at early evening. The streets were filled (still or again?). A hike up to San Sebastian's Jesus statue gave us a great view over the city. Tho San Sebastian is not a huge city, the centre seemed like millions of people were living in that city :D
Next we went into one of the Basque Country's famous Tapas bars and enjoyed the delicious pintxos^^ Not only the streets but also the bars and even the cathedral were full. Where did all that people come from?
We saw a lot of young people wearing stickers shouting for a free Basque Country. But now it was Fiesta, everyone simply wanted to enjoy the huge party.

View from the hill after the fireworks

View on the surfer beach from the Jesus statue

Tapas bar :D

busy cathedral

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