Monday, 29 August 2011

The Algarve, Sevilla and western Andalucia

From Lisbon (25.08.) we made our way down to the Algarve having a sunset stop at Arrifana beach. An amazing coastline with raw and rough cliffs. And a good place to forget your towels while having making dinner... quickly gets dark after sunset^^
We then continued to infamous Lagos... party town was announced... first we were disappointed by all the teenagers running around. But after a couple of beers we found the right bars and at 2pm we met a midwife lady Portugese lady with her two daughters who invited us for the biggest beach party in town... free VIP entry is a good start into a party :P We quickly lost our entrance fairy and got lost in the half naked party crowds... awesome :D At six they were closing, we took a taxi to our car/beach and enjoyed breakfast at sunrise before having a sleep at the beach. Later we woke up, the beach was filled with sunbathing people. We packed our sleeping backs and left to with a hangover to pick up our forgotten towels^^ Back at Arrifana beach we enjoyed brunch and picked up our towels before we went to see Cabo de São Vicente, the southwestern cape of Portugal. More amazing cliff views... unluckily we couldn't fully enjoy them with the hangover^^ We then continued to Faro and strolled through it's peaceful little streets before we went to sleep at the tourist beach of little Altura. The next morning (27.08.) we enjoyed a swim and a sunbath before we continued to Spain.
Later the day we arrived in lovely Sevilla. Unluckily we struggled to find a camping spot and so had to postpone sightseeing to the next day (28.08.). A gorgeous city with many little streets, great squares... everything looks sooooo Spanish here :D The first city with an arena for bullfights... the spanish tradition. Unluckily bullfight months are only April, May, June and September. Hence we couldn't visit any yet :( But Sevilla has enough to offer to spend a couple of days here... but there is so much more we want to see on the trip :P The stunning cathedral and the amazing gardens of the palace (Alcazar) are the topping before we left for Cadiz.
Cadiz is interestingly located on an island before the mainland (you should check on Besides it's interesing location it offered streets off the tourist track and a good place to enjoy some seafood before we spent the night at Ancalucias west coast at Zahara de los Atunes.

The coast near Arrifana beach

"our" beach at Lagos at sunrise

Cabo de Sao Vincente - stunning cliffs

gorgeous streets in Sevilla

Garden of Sevilla's Alcazar

Sevilla's great cathedral

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