Sunday, 14 August 2011

Montpellier and Carcasonne

A wake up at the beach followed by a breakfast before we visited lovely Montpellier.
First we stumbled through the new city part which is impressive... a whole city part in one style. But it looks boring and cheap compared to the stunning old city :D
The cathedral, an old monastery, is simply massive. The old city is filled with lovely buildings, charming streets... simply a great place :)

Afterwards we visited Carcasonne, one of the most famous castles in the world I guess^^ This is the place many films resemble, the symbolic medieval fortified city. The centre of Carcasonne had not much to offer, so after a coffee and a talk with a German expat we continued to the Castle. Unluckily it was very touristy, but bearable^^  Thus we had some walks through the narrow medieval streets before we continued to Toulouse where we were to meet our couchsurfing host.

Montpellier's newly build quarter

beautiful old city

massive cathedral

simply gorgeous :D

Carcasonne - as in the films^^

Castle within the fortified city of Carcasonne

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