Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oviedo, Aviles and the Praya de Silencio

From Santander we continued to Santillane del mar (17.08.). It is the village of three lies, as it is not holy (santi), flat (llana) nor near the sea (del mar). It looked like a friendly village, but big caravans of tourists were there waiting to go to the nearby cave. So we decided no to stay here for. Instead we continued straight to Oviedo.
A lovely town we spent some hours strolling through the city, getting lost (as it was much smaller than we expected, hence we walked out of the area our map covered^^). Finally we got our hands on internet to get some news and answer some mails...
After Oviedo we went to see the new Centro Niemeier building in Aviles. Unluckily the building is not very pleasent. A huge square made from beton missing any charme. But that is what Brasilia is infamous for...
So we continued to Praya de Silencio, which was supposed to be an awesome beach. And indeed, the setting was great. We arrived late, enjoyed a bbq and went to sleep in our tent. Unluckily the next morning when we wanted to enjoy a swim, it was raining and temperatures dropped a lot. Thus we left to see the north-western coast of Spain.

chilling Oviedo

New opened Centro Niemeier building in Aviles

Praya de Silencio

Good morning view after leaving the tent :D

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