Saturday, 20 August 2011

Santiago de Compostela and the arrival in Portugal

After we woke up (19.08.) at the camp site, we enjoyed a warm shower and checked internet before we went to see the famous Santiago de Compostela. As the finishing spot of most of the Caminos de Santiago (Ways of St.Jacob) it is a popular tourist destination, especially at this time of the year. When walking through the streets we saw plenty pilgrims who wandered the Camino de Santiago. The town is amazing with its historic centre... filled with awesome buildings whereever you look. Crowned by the Cathedral de Compostela, the place where St.Jacob is supposed to be buried. But all the tourists make the place less holy... the great cathedral loses its charme when it is simply too loud and huge queues are waiting to see the grave. Thus we didn't stay too long and continued our way towards Portugal.

The first stop was Ponte de Lima, a picturesque small town which simply is how I expected Portugal to look like: charming, lovely :D
We simply enjoyed to stroll along the streets and river before we continued to Viana do Castelo. Students were playing music at a square... a nice town as well, but not as great as Ponte de Lima^^ We went to the huge Praia de Amorosa to enjoy sunset with a picnic. Then wild camping near the beach. What a start into Portugal :)

cathedral de compostela, filled with pilgrims

stunning neighbouring church was empty^^

picturesque streets in Ponte de Lima

idyllic little town

students playing music in Viana do Castelo

sunset picnic at praia de amorosa

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