Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Continuing Andalucia: Tarifa, Gibraltar, Ronda, Malaga, Cordoba

At the beach of Zahara de los Atunes the fresh morning wind woke us up (29.08.) and upcoming rain made us leaving quickly. And 10min later the rain started, just in time^^
We went to see Tarifa Andalucia's southern most spot and Europe's closest point to Africa. Unluckily the small town looks just like a dirty forgotten place. Two signs with "Atlantico" and "Mediterran" indicate that at this place officially the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea are separated. The weather was too cloudy to see Africa, so after visiting the small Castillo we went on to see Gibraltar. On the way the clouds dissipated and we could see mountains of Morocco :D
In Gibraltar a trafic jam awaited us... the British were to check the passports/IDs... did you forget its Shengen you morons?^^ "The rock" is a stunning view... we took a drive around the peninsular and enjoyed the vistas. Unluckily we were a little too late to enjoy the upper national park... and unwilling to pay 50eur for a half an hour visit :/ So we continued from Gibraltar to Ronda, a white town inland and uphill.
Ronda seemed a laid back but extremely lively little town. Great views from the hill and streets filled with shopping people at 8 o'clock :D We enjoyed a small dinner and continued to Malaga to sleep at the cities less nice beach.
The next morning (30.08.) we enjoyed a quick swim before we went to see the city of Malaga. A nice small old town with a harbour that looks good from far :) Unluckily the old town is surrounded by industrial buildings. The Alcazaba gives the best view over the nice parts of the town^^
Next we went towards Cordoba. The students city of course is quiet during the summer break... but most interesting was the Mezquita-Catedral, a fromer magnificent mosque into which a huge cathedral was built in the 16th century. Absolutely amazing to see a mix of a mosque and a cathedral in one building... the most important parts of the mosque remained... the cathedral is bright and the feeling is simply from another world... there should be more places like this... after all both religions obey the very same god... they just struggle about the ways how to hallow the lord^^

the cliffs around Gibraltar

a mosque infront of "the rock"

views from Ronda over Andalucia

view from the Alcazaba over Malaga's port

the choir in Mezquia-Catedral

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